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president obama and mitt romney need to do for the next debate?. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. a car ... says chernobyl is from battered how this will off the great caption mike of the listing hope >> you can see some of the unofficial march of guys that is being sold at the stadium. the practice is being going on. mack came will be the first starting pitcher on saturday. those pitchers have been named for the first two games. this video you can see. you may remember that he had a ministroke and he is back to normal. he stated that he is doing well. all of the excitement about this game. here's how he is filling. >> what all the excitement is san francisco may be a round the giants bay are still trying to get tickets. that would tackle one of the tigers on saturday. the oakland tribune stated that it is a title town. we will golden th shift inside to talk with some of the players. she chaired unemployment claims are up. a lot of people filed for unemployment. the weekly job
the campaign is going into the sec-if the makthe mitt romney campaign is going in with confidence. the obama campaign to show that it will not happen. >> he is energized. >> with pat be presidential aide sounding great with pepe presidential aides. tilling fantastic. >> still peek and it could take a look at the setting and others have been doing a per-debate for them. >> the president can change his style and tactics of the cannot change his record. the met from the is saying that he tried quite frankly for eight years and they did not work too well. >> the town hall style format means that audience members can ask questions. organizers have taken pains to make sure that undecided voters will meet. and as an indication for the tension and the high stakes. both sides are crumbling weather the moderator will get over it involved. weather or not it is a high wire act for both candidates. with the latest it is virtually a dead heat. and political analyst, michael duft--yaki will be here. and remember go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watc
. and in the event mitt romney is going to suggest that it will lay out a clear contract for the president. and in a sign of caution will not look for a knockout punch. the president has been drilled precise. appearing strong and hitting mitt romney for more details of his plan. both candidates know that each question will count. fumbles can be bad news. >> it is very few that elections will not win with a debit but many have lost that have not had victory of debate. >> the debate countdown continues tonight. coming up at 5:30 we will speak with our political analyst political analystyaki however, reflect to know what you think your on our facebook fan page. with president obama, and mitt romney i will be reading some of your comments from your facebook fan page. our fan page. this police record of exactly what happened. this 18 year-old was shot to death in the month of may. and they had no choice but to open fire however, this civil rights attorney told kron 4 haazig madyun that this could raise some serious questions. >> this officer pointed the firearm and he heard 3-4 different gun sh
. the gop, rival mitt romney and president obama both providing examples of how great they will be as the new leader. >> our political analyst is here and what is coming up next for the candidates. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> governor romney says he has a five. clam he acted just as a one. plan. >> mr. president, have you look to your pension. >> i do not look as my pension is not as big as yours. >> some of a fiery moments during the second presidential debate as both candidates took to the offense and defense. dan kerman takes a look at the debate and a separate fact from fiction. >> the second presidential debate was filled with attacks but what about the facts? >> governor romney is saying that we should let the wo
not responsible for this. >> more on decision 2012. both president obama admits romney have left the trail today they are preparing for the town hall meeting. >> it is 22 days left until the day to vote. they are preparing and private for debate no. 2. most of president obama is work is happening where he is trying to make up for lost ground. democrats hope that he bounces back. >> minute romney is trying to convince you that he was just kidding. >> it has been an interesting 10 days and i enjoyed the debate dyads a few days ago. that i had a few days ago. >> a new seat in imposts stated that romney is leading president obama by only one point. that canada's will talk with the undecided voters and making it more than ever to win over the crowds. >> today that unveiled a new drawing of the new facility. the proposed new home of the golden state warriors looks like a peer. it will host conserves and of course a basketball stadium. >> the architect for the video called did you need and he proudly talk about all the outdoor space that is available. visitors will have over 350,000 square feet of spac
. there pole has been going back and forth. with a peak of obama in the month of september and now, mitt romney. and i have been in business for 25 years. >> now, the consisten nicole pol is that president obama only does 1/2 of 1% of the popular vote. fortunately, for the president the popular vote does not decide the election it is the electoral college. here, there is a definite but shaky lead. he is ahead in most industrial states and also in mexico and other states including the wisconsin, ohio. if they stay in his column he will have to 770 electoral votes. just seven from the minimum for reelection. he will have-270 electoral votes. however, mitt romney is forced to have won 93. prime states are also virginia, north carolina, florida. mitt romney is poised to have one o93193 electoral votes. what are these candid this mitt romney looking at 193 electoral votes. >> and mitt romney is going to be attacking and it could be perceived as weak and out of control. he has to avoid that big gap and some people think that he is starting to portray himself as an unpleasant persona. >> this foreign-
the '90s by noontime. it will be another hot day for tomorrow. > >> both president obama and mitt romney have been held down to very intense practice settings. >> minutes from the spent about eight days practicing. >> president obama spent a lot of time practicing. >> governor mitt romney is a great debater. >> president obama is a very gifted speaker. >> wednesday night is the restart of romney's campaign analysts say that romney will have to come across as likable. o obamas team is making sure that he is not long winded and preaching. one politician stated that we should not hope for much from the bulk of them. he stated that there was not one time where any thing grab anyone's attention. president oldobama received a recommendation. >> i am sure the president is not so happy about hearing about the endorsement. let's start with the importance for both candidates. >> let's talk about the pressure that is all both of them. the pressure on mitt romney best a lot. he has to give back on track and he has 90 minutes on wednesday to reverse that trend. the president has been playing good def
s. how much cooler is going to get. >>catherine: decision 2012 mitt romney and president obama are facing off tomorrow night. this tight race saying that this could not be more intense. millions will be watching and any slight stumble? >> president obama plain pizza delivery man and nevada. near las vegas. he played-pizza delivery man. he is expected to take a cautious approach. not wanting to... compromise his current lead over mitt romney. as this stage is being set. both men have been hunkered down behind closed doors getting ready. but mcgraw me his paid speaks to us. >> we're just getting ready for the format, the queue, and q&a, the moderator. and how they're going to be patrolling the debate. >>catherine: with mock debates and president obama has john kerry. >> president is a great president and is not have the time. all we hear about is that how much ms. romney has been practicing, practicing, wherever he goes. >>catherine: for what it is worth they overwhelmingly believe that president obama will come out ahead. if the pressure was already not enough the latest poll se
. >> decision 2012. mitt romney and presidential polls, are getting ready for their second debate. here is more from last night. >> the scene from central college was not quite uncivilized but it was feisty at times. with two men from ga very different fight of views. >> >> week. >> i know that you are under a lot of distress. [laughter] >> however, i think that it would be better before you did not keep interrupting each other. >> this great recession that crawl from the sky where did it come from? >> 48% at paul ryan had victory. and this is a statistical dead heat. what now? president obama is in washington and paul brien will be in but romney's home state of michigan. pleasure in the way that he demonstrated his passion and wisdom and the joy that he brings to the job. serving the american people. as vice president. >> mitt romney is blanketing battleground states. >> he laid it down or five point plan to get this economy going. and the other candidate just attacked. the american people are looking for answers, not a tax. >> however in this tightening race the american public can expect thi
by the new research center stated that mitt romney had before percent lead over president obama pripe. president obama made history when he announced a memorial for cesar chavis. let us honor his memory of most importantly less live up to his example. romney was blasting the president as being passed tough and that he is not a global leader. >> the president has failed to lead and syria. a lot of women have been. our ally turkey has been an. before romney's spoke he stated that his trip. tonight the obama campaign is calling from is criticism reckless. the vice president the bay will be up next on thursday night. a lot of people will be watching joe biden and paul ryan. some say that there will be extra pressure on by dan. this will be thursday night and the next presidential debate. that will be on comcast 193 or on digital channel 4.2. >> prosecutors say the fed petty few people will take the stand for jerry sandusky. he was convicted of molesting 10 young boys. he was convicted on 45 counts of child abuse. he claims that he did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> he was drawn
and the challenger, mitt romney on the attack. tonight dan kerman had something what they said and a separate fact from the election. >> this third debate was combat as ever but where were the on the facts? >> running on and let you are recognizing that al qaeda was a threat. because when you thought the biggest threat was russia. >> in fact he mentioned that they were a foe.. >> our navy is smaller since 1917. >> there are more active ships now than during the low point under president george w. bush. >> use of we should move heaven & earth to get one man and ask pakistan. however, would not have gotten it. >> this is what he a police said. he said it is wrong for a candid it saying that we are going into your country, unilaterally. we keep our options quiet. >> while i was governor our fourth graders came out no. 1 in math & english. >> in fact students at or before were before he took office in massachusetts not as a result of its policies. >> unemployment is now lower than the general population was higher when i came into office. >> that is true for veterans but it is not true for veterans of
sethefts fell >> he accused the republicans tried to keep the unemployment rate high spirited . mitt romney is moving his campaign and his staffers out of this state. the campaign stated that they will continue to allocate resources. >> former see in in larry king will moderate a debate along a third-party presidential debate. this will be on october 23rd. >> a reminder that the third presidential debate will be monday. you will be able to watch this debate on kron 4 channel 193. >> it is another hot avenue around the bay area. we are seeing sunny skies and come wins. starting tomorrow the temperatures will drop from 10 to 20 degrees. the sunshine we will have a foggy morning first. the deficit will be cooler than what we saw yesterday and it will be in barely into the 60s by 8:00 a.m.. temperatures will be a lot slower to warm and we will see more sixties ever were. we will see a mixture of '60s and '70s with a few low 80s. >> it will be 78 and cupertino 75 n. sunnyvale and will see some low eighties for the inland valley. 79 degrees and concord and 82 degrees in concord. it will be a lot
things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. >> the president and mitt romney are putting very different spans on these topics. the president visited a farmer's market in cleveland ohio he received an unexpected good news today. with unemployment topping 8%. mitt romney was still trying to deny the president a victory. >> as the unemployment rate has came down the reason is primarily due to more and more people have just up looking for work. romney was not the only person trying to downsize it. former ge ceo jack welch stated that it was unbelievable. he stated that these chicago guys will do everything even changed the numbers. as for the president he used the good news and all of his campaign stops today. >> today's news should give us some encouragement. it should not be an excuse for the other side to talk down the economy. they should not be tried to adjust for political points. good news but not big a deal one way or another. it just indicates that we are moving in the right direction but very slow. the next debate will be october the 16th in new york. joe biden will hav
. >> president of obamas camp is remaining, about the economy. republican presiden mitt romney stated that means declining take-home pay. americans are ready for change. >> a reminder that kron 4 will have extended live coverage on election night. you could also step up betted on our web site along with our facebook and twitter pay eacpage. teachikitwith >> he suffered rib and hip contusions. there were six of vehicles involved including two police officers cars. >> the mother of the children said that she came home to find her 2 year-old son and six year-old daughter staff to death and the bathtub. the nanny was found nearby and vichy turn the blade or herself. the nanny is now on police watch a local po--chich processe chichpolice watch. >> thei i ifcc youu stated that there was no winner and this is the yea i c u stated tht last armstrong will have also returned the money that he won. >> the surface has a bigger screen at 10.6 in. and it is bigger than the ipad. the screen is great and microsoft uses a lot of technology to make this. this is a thinner and less reflective display. th
to vote for mitt romney. employees of the coke industry have received a registration packet and a letter from the president stating that they should vote for mitt romney. the letter stated that they may suffer the consequences. some of the mills have been distributed to other companies as well. if any new taxes are levied on me or my company as our current president plans i will have no chores but to reduce the size of this company. >> president obama is responsible entirely for the closure of3gos election decision is. it is legal for a boss to tell an employee how they should vote. the courts will do this as just a political speech or political opinion. >> this goes back to when the founding fathers were writing the constitution and this is still freedom of speech. >> 90,000 square feet and the subject of the documentary. to save that he will be forced to lay off employees if he has to pay more in taxes is a hard thing for him to sail. >> telling his employees middle-class americans how to vote is coming back to times in the dark ages were one lord told everyone else what to do and how
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the scene and a black chevrolet camaro. >> the endorsement could be coming back to haunt mitt romney. he was featured for the indiana senate which murdoch is catching heat on this controversial comments on abortion. he realizes that life is a gift from god even when life begins after a woman is raped. he continued that it is something that god intended to happen. mitt romney says that he endorses murdoch's not necessarily agree with all of his abuse. >> less than two weeks until election will have coverage until midnight. stay with us for the voting of results. >> if you have recently purchased something popular at the barnes & noble with a credit/debit perhaps a double check your bank statement. what police are calling a very sophisticated crime. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>pam: if you swiped at a barnes and noble 63 different stores across t
. the president and a contender, but mitt romney canceled appearances in the swing state of virginia. what these will mean the for the election and even the course of master political minds. >> with unfettered access to the polls because we believe that more people will come out. >> that brings us to the man from the right and they are not in power in the cannot do much. with the mitt romney-paul ryan ticket. >> i think that some people are more risk and our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> and the itinerary could also change. some tricky schedules could impact because of the storm. a disaster summer would make this difficult politics and -- making this difficult. >> as a reminder kron 4 will have extended live coverage on election night. tuesday, november 6th at 8:00 p.m. and also stay updated on our website our facebook and twitter. we will be back. >>jacqueline: of a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. the dense fog is expected overnight in the north bay. there is a dense fog advisory into effect with the cloudy morning and sunny and mild conditions for thi
are tightening of all because the president refused to answer romney's questions on the last presidential debate. >> vice president debates are just reference to the president. this will be a little bit different because you have a campaign that is on the rise. i believe that joe biden really needs to step it up to night. tonight. >> bottom line is cut we see some fireworks tonight? >> i think that what you will see that if ryan throws a punch then biden will hit back hard. >> do not forget that sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> some people are rooting for both teams young and old. if you are a real fan of 18 that you will get in on your skin. the oakland a's have been the past two games. look at this girl she has the up oakland a's been born. you c
. and the latest on mitt romney. week's debate. and the latest on mitt romney. >> thsofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. prop thirty says they send new money to our schools. pprop thirty-eight really doese, send sofa... desk...eightsehindt straightkeeps it you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. them of >> welcome back. these accusations that he used performance enhancing drugs to fuel his victories. now that is exactly what the grew pressed on with a long and detailed name. with this -- group. some sign that this has been blown to pieces. the u.s. anti- dumping agency has released a to wondered page report. with a minute detail why he was a ringleader and what they call the most sophisticated professionalized and successful pupping program the sport has eve
people. as a result of people taking an effort. >> romney has a scheduled campaign stop in florida, towe will have live coverage november 6th at 8:00 p.m. and also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com we will be right back. >>pam: san francisco is preparing for the world champions. they will be parading through the streets with team coverage tonight, tomorrow. it is a kron 4 exclusive. this photograph showing a giants fan vandalizing a public bus is not him. we will hear his side of the story, coming up. . %blñwó the >> preparations under way for a giants celebration. >> this is a family. , the world championship will have it the world civic center plaza and thousands will flood the streets. devastation across the east coast with sandy continuing this path of destruction and frustrated travelers. at least 114 flights were canceled from s f o. that were east bound. >> tonight at 6 the excitement is building for a world-class parade. for the world champions of baseball. we are going live to terisa estacio and this area will be the center stage for all of the actually, tomorrow. >> thi
, simply. keurig. >> it is good to be here in ohio. romney and president obama were both in ohio thursday and they were visiting -stashed their tried to secure boatsvotes. that means that even early campaigning hours. in washington-- >> a reminder that kron 4 will have the extended live coverage on the election night. if this is wiyou set updn our web site at and our twitter page. >> coming up as 6:30 p.m. and a bay area teacher is behind bars due to the police finding drugs in his car. >> we will take a another look at it will post new chrome notebook. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> in san francisco outside of the at&t park. the giants are hanging in there with the tigers. and a lot of people are just hanging out and join the atmosphere. if people here are stating that after the giants won last night and their sixth consecutive playoff
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22